Tricorona klimatkompenserar Brysselresan!

Tricorona’s offsetting of Navitas’ trip to Brussels provides many poor families with green electricity for one year!
Tricorona invests in and develops carbon offset projects in poor countries and helps companies and organizations all over the world to lower their climate impact.

“As an example, Navitas’ trip to Brussels will create an approximate climate impact of 20 tCO2”, says Susanne Häfeli-Hestvik, Managing Director at Tricorona Climate Partner. “By having invested in renewable energy projects in poor countries outside Europe for the past seven years, we have reduced global emissions. Our work has been certified by the UN and NGOs. You can see our webpage for a selection of our projects.”

It is important to understand that – in order to meet the two-degree target – we cannot emit more than 560 GtCO2 until 2050, which equals to less than 15 GtCO2 per year, whereas the world already today is emitting more than double that, tendency increasing. Europe’s emissions have declined to 11% of total emissions last year, which explains the importance to not only do whatever we can to reduce emissions at home but also invest in green technology and renewable energy in poorer nations, where the biggest emission increases are expected to happen during the years to come. As an example, the 20 tCO2 equal around 25 MWh green electricity, which covers the entire demand of about 25 families in advanced developing countries such as the BRIC for one year!

“So, here is a good argument next time you hear someone calling offsetting a mere “avlatsbrev”, says Susanne, “it is not about and/or but and-and plus so much more: let’s go together against the oil lobby, rather than fight about who is green and who is greener.”

Tricorona wishes you all a successful trip to Brussels and hopes you continue to offset your remaining emissions consistently, after all you take care of your other waste too, right? 🙂